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Post-Computer Age Typefaces

In this age of branding some companies are letting their logos become distorted.  It seems counter-productive when style guides are the bible for brands to follow.  So why the change? Brands know their followers love to make it their own in this DIY age and they are loosening up to allow a new generation to become emotionally connected with them.  Here are some examples of this as seen on Fastcodesign.com and some new trends happening with type.

Los Logos 6, Gestalten’s latest catalog of brand marks, compiles some of the best offerings from a global roster of type designers.

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The firm Edenspiekermann, created this new logo and typographic concept for the musuem with letterforms that look like they’re folding out right from surface they’re printed on.

KMM_alfabet_kapitalen_vector_10%_basis1672185-slide-kmm-uitnodiging 1672185-slide-kmm-caiguoqiang-abri

The typography reflects Kröller-Müller’s indoor-outdoor offerings. It’s not a typical museum, where the art hangs flat against the walls, Kröller-Müller’s installations are more varied.

basis typo voor 3d-titels1672185-slide-kmm-vincent-abri 1672185-slide-kmm-vincent-muurletters

Things can be looked at inside and out, on two-dimensional canvasses, and in the round. The new logo’s 3-D type captures the feel of this in a stunning visual all its own.