Lifestyle Photography

In developing departmental signage for JC Penney, my team and I worked on the photo art direction for each department.  We chose models, settings, and created guidelines to ensure the consistency of the photography throughout the store and any channel that touched the brands.

Home_269416-bath-17 Home_studio sht-22 Home-1-30#95C68 Home-3-05#95AC3 Home-b-09-269403 Home-bath-66 Home-towel boys-92Home

ja_photos_17 Private label

ja_photos_16 Private label

ja_photos_15 Children’s Department

ja_photos_14 Girl’s Department

ja_photos_13 Men’s Department

ja_photos_12 Men’s Department

ja_photos_11 Young Men’s and Junior’s Department

ja_photos_10 Junior’s Department

ja_photos_09Junior’s Department

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