Salt Project

IMG_3570The CCA (California College of the Arts) held their MFA presentations in the spring of 2014.  One of the graduating artists, Christina Conklin, had a display of salt bricks which were stacked in a cube.


She invited the guests to take one and make it their own art project.  The salt bricks each had a filing card attached to it with a return address and a number with space left to record the salt brick use, place, date, and time.

I chose to take the salt brick and see what the natural elements would do with it.  I’ve been visiting my boyfriend’s cabin in Cazadero, CA every other weekend and found a place under the redwood forest in his yard. I placed the salt brick beneath a wooden arch on the property and recorded the changes of it from May to December of 2014.

I wasn’t sure if it would attract animals hungry for salt or if it would just slowly deteriorate by the weather.  This is what I recorded.  (Click for slide show)

I didn’t see any signs of animals using this as a salt lick. The natural elements didn’t start to change the salt brick until November when it started to rain.  In December there was a major storm melted it almost immediately with only the label left to record it was there.

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