Grassroots Design

STSFlyer_8X10When the California Association to Stop the Spray approached me to develop a marketing campaign I found a plethora of meaningful messages that didn’t add up to anything compelling enough to let their cause be known. A pesticide was scheduled to be sprayed over communities and the public was unaware of the potential dangers.
They needed a message that conveyed a sense of urgency.  Stop The Spray in large italicized lettering registered this message.
With a shoe string budget we needed to keep our printing costs to a minimum.  One color printing would suffice.  The black background created a sense of doom that felt imminent if it went on.















We had several messages that needed to be conveyed.  One to communicate the safety, ineffectualness, and unnecessary need to spray. Another to get people to educate themselves and get active with the cause.
The general flyer was designed to look more like a press release, giving it a news worthy feel.

STS_tshirtThe t-shirt logo used less information to create more impact.  It should also start an interaction between the wearer and viewer.  “What’s the spray all about?”, should be the question that starts the dialog.

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