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Famous Logos Re-imagined

This is Universal Unbranding, a parodied makeover of some of the world’s most recognized logos by the satirical artistic collective Maentis.  “It is tempting for us to hijack the positive messages that companies are trying so hard to deliver,” Maentis tells Co.Design. “[Plus] logos are generally very simple so they’re perfect for lazy artists like us.”

From Mark Wilson @FastCompany

A Minimalist’s Approach

Michal Krasnopolski  took a basic graphic template to create this set of revisioned minimalist classic movie posters.  The designs rigorously adhere to the same mold: a circle overlaid by two diagonals, all inscribed in a square.  I think the approach is very clever and modern.  Click to see the slideshow.


10 New CD Covers

I always enjoy seeing what’s being used for cover art on CDs.  Here’s a sampling of some new releases that caught my eye.  (click for a slideshow)

Post-Computer Age Typefaces

In this age of branding some companies are letting their logos become distorted.  It seems counter-productive when style guides are the bible for brands to follow.  So why the change? Brands know their followers love to make it their own in this DIY age and they are loosening up to allow a new generation to become emotionally connected with them.  Here are some examples of this as seen on and some new trends happening with type.

Los Logos 6, Gestalten’s latest catalog of brand marks, compiles some of the best offerings from a global roster of type designers.

Click to view the slide show