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A New Brew

Brad’s Bräu is a new label designed for a small batch brewery in Oakland, California.  I also helped in rebranding the name of the ale to “OPA”(Oakland Pale Ale) instead of the usual “IPA”(India Pale Ale) since it’s actually made in Oakland.  “Apt 39” refers to the client’s humble beginnings in his apartment #39.BB-Apt39

Trend: Shawls

Fall 2015 Menswear

One of my favorite accessories for Fall 2015 in menswear is the shawl.  For marketing to men, it could be thought of as an oversized scarf.  It adds drama to the simplest of ensembles and is practical as well as versitile.  On the street I’ve seen young men wearing sport blankets wrapped around themselves like these models of the runway.  Much like the poncho, it’s a basic item that I can see becoming a standard in men’s wardrobes.

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Shawls_1 Shawls_2

Retail Stores As Social Media Hubs

Stores have always been social hubs.  Here are some ways to help make them social media hubs and provide content for brands in the online world.

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E-Commerce As Social Media

E-commerce and social media are beginning to converge.  Some retailers of the 20th century have been using their e-commerce sites as catalogs.  New retailers are making their sites more socially interactive and changing the dialog.

Click on the pages below to read my report on how retailers can make their e-commerce sites more socially relevant today.