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A New Brew

Brad’s Bräu is a new label designed for a small batch brewery in Oakland, California.  I also helped in rebranding the name of the ale to “OPA”(Oakland Pale Ale) instead of the usual “IPA”(India Pale Ale) since it’s actually made in Oakland.  “Apt 39” refers to the client’s humble beginnings in his apartment #39.BB-Apt39

Famous Logos Re-imagined

This is Universal Unbranding, a parodied makeover of some of the world’s most recognized logos by the satirical artistic collective Maentis.  “It is tempting for us to hijack the positive messages that companies are trying so hard to deliver,” Maentis tells Co.Design. “[Plus] logos are generally very simple so they’re perfect for lazy artists like us.”

From Mark Wilson @FastCompany