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The artists Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug with their creation.

Dutch artists Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug combined all 1,400 perfumes introduced in 2012 together to create their signature scent, Everything.   They premiered the scent at Colette during Paris fashion week.  “We did some research and found out the industry pumps out a staggering 1,400 fragrances annually” the pair tell Co.Design. “The idea soon popped up to put them all together and claim our own. We like the irony of having a slight critique of that gigantic outcome by adding another.”  The handmade, hand-screened 1.5-liter bottle was displayed on a pedestal alongside a stack of extra-large sample papers printed with the names of each and every individual “ingredient”.  “We envisioned it would end up odorless–everything put together ending in nothing,” they say. “Tragically, it’s an arresting smell that could easily be synthesized and be sold under the name: l’average.”

The bottle's design is reflective of the 1,400 test bottles used to create Everything.

The bottle’s design is reflective of the 1,400 test bottles used to create Everything.


Extra-large sample papers were printed out with the names of each and every individual “ingredient”–all 1,400 different component parts.


Marie Claire/Project Runway’s Nina Garcia gets a wiff.

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An ad agency redefines the perfume market.

1672075-slide-10“The biggest challenge is that you can’t smell what you see online,” says Yo Santosa, the creative director of the L.A. agency Ferroconcrete and co-founder of new online scent company Commodity. “Currently the fragrance market is saturated with shirtless male models and lofty slogans. We wanted to create something modern that felt accessible even if you’re not into fragrances.”  Last year, a Ferroconcrete art director named Owen Gee came to Santosa with an idea for an online service that would allow customers to test scents in their own homes.  Their product Commodity is a simple but sophisticated paired down assortment of 20 fragrances, 10 for men and 10 for women. You choose from 20 original scents, then Commodity sends you a pack of 5-day tryout kits. At only $50 a 30ml bottle, it’s a big savings from scents going for $100 and up.

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