Trend: Men’s Tunics

Fall 2015 Menswear

The best way to describe this trend of menswear is not to confuse it with women’s clothing. They’re not dresses but extended shirts in some cases.  Worn with pants they become more masculine.  Worn without pants they can look like skirts but that might be difficult to market.  So what do we call these styles for men?  My choice is “tunics”.

This has been trending in menswear for several seasons by more and more designers.  The rules for gender are changing and so are the styles.  In most instances these tunics still feel masculine styled athletically or with suit pieces.  Rick Owens, Telfar, Hood By Air, and Oduer push these tunics to a new level of “dressing” that offer men what women have been enjoying in ease and comfort.

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Tunics 1 Tunics 2 Tunics 3

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